Moving on with TCA Alumni

As part of TCA Alumni, you will be kept abreast of the latest courses and conferences for your ministerial and professional development. Upon your graduation, you automatically become a TCA alumnus and enjoy special privileges and services, such as the free audit course and library privileges.


  • TCA Alumni and Pastors are eligible to register for one free course in each calendar year. The course must be audited and part of the School of Theology. For more information, Contact Us.

  • TCA Alumni are given onsite access to the Library’s print and multimedia collection for free.


    • Membership is only offered to alumni residing in Singapore.
    • To apply for membership, complete an application form and submit it via email (as an attachment) to
    • Membership entitlement includes loan privileges which will start within 2 weeks of application.
    • A library eCard will be issued within the same period.
    • The Library reserves the right to grant or deny membership.


    • Alumni may opt to apply for enhanced library membership for an additional fee of $100.00 per year which allows for onsite access to selected eResources.
    • Onsite access is also offered on a daily rate basis. Users are required to fill in a declaration form and pay a $10.00 fee. Only cash payment is accepted.
    • Access will be via the Library’s computer workstations.
    • Access to eResources is governed by Copyright Law and license agreements.
    • The Library reserves the right to terminate the user’s access if the user is found to engage in illegal or inappropriate use of eResources.
  • Only graduates, former and current students of TCA College may apply for academic transcript.

    For each print of official transcript (including PDF copy), a fee of S$6.00 (inclusive of GST) is charged. Applicants requesting for copies of their transcripts to be sent to local institution will pay S$10.00 (inclusive of postal charge and GST) per address.

    For overseas institution, the fee will be S$12.00 (inclusive of postal charge and GST) for each overseas address.

    Please email your request to Academic Office ( All applications will be processed only after payment has been received.

  • Bless because you were blessed…

    Just as you have benefited from those who supported TCA financially, we encourage you to invest in future generations of TCA students!

    Make a donation here.

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Alumni Stories

Stay connected with TCA’s alumni from numerous churches and associations all over the world. We welcome all TCA alumni to send in their testimonies and glorify His great name here. Contact Us