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Happenings on Cultural Night 2014文化之夜花絮

Happenings on Cultural Night 2014

It was an evening of fun, food and festivities at the Cultural Night 2014. Cultural Night aims to showcase the various cultures represented by the TCA College family. The event was open to all staff, students and their loved ones. There were a total of 98 participants from fifteen different countries gathering at the Summit. Staff and students were assigned to one of the four groups, within which to contribute and participate to make the event a memorable occasion.


To start off, different types of food prepared by the groups were offered. These included ethnic foods from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam and China. From satay to spring rolls, everyone had a good time feasting as they mingled and got to know one another better, personally and culturally. A Thai-styled buffet was also served.


Next, the Parade of Nations took place. Student representatives carried the flag of the various countries into the Summit. This was followed by a time of group prayer and intercession for these countries. Participants also got to take home a door gift in the form of an eraser with a country flag imprinted on it – an ‘old-school’ but meaningful item to remember the event by.


Next came the highlight of the evening – various skits and performances put up by the groups which presented the cultural scenarios of different cultures, comprising the Indian, Indonesian, Chinese and the Chinese-Indian cultures.


After all the prayer, laughter and excitement, this year’s Cultural Night came to a close.