TCA College has a well-equipped Library with more than 45,000 resources in various formats. Books account for more than 40,000 volumes and the number grows at approximately 1,000 volumes per year. Over the years, the Library has added theses, dissertations and new periodical titles to the print collection. The audio and video resources include music recordings, documentaries and instructional videos in CD, VCD and DVD formats. The subscription to electronic databases – ATLA Religion Database with ATLA Serials, Religion & Philosophy Collection, and Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection – has given the College teaching staff and students 24/7 access to academic journal articles online.  Moreover, the Library has recently added eBooks to its electronic resources available through EBSCOhost.

The Library collection is managed through an integrated library system. This automated system allows for an online search of the collection through the Library’s online catalog.

Library facilities such as computer stations with Internet access and free Wi-Fi are available for students in the course of their research and study. There are photocopying machines which may be used for printing and copying as well.

The library collection is strong in biblical studies, doctrinal theology,  practical theology, leadership, psychology, counseling and related disciplines.

Library Membership

All TCA College students, faculty and alumni are automatically members of the Library and have full access to library resources, services and facilities (conditions apply).

Visitors (non-TCA affiliated) are also welcome to use the Library. Trinitarians, church pastors/ministers and students from other Bible colleges may use the library’s print and multimedia resources onsite for free. Otherwise, a $5.00/day visitor’s fee applies. All visitors are requested to register at the Library Counter. Visitors who wish to apply for library membership may do so by completing an Application for Library Membership form  and paying the required fee. Submit your application in person at the Library Counter any time during the library opening hours. External membership entitlement includes borrowing privileges and use of certain library facilities.

Please call +65 6304-7665 or email for further details and other library-related matters.