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President’s Graduation Address 2011

Dear Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Board of Directors, our distinguished speaker, Dr.Kevin Mannoia, faculty and staff, all graduates, students and guests of this graduation:

A very good evening to all of you and welcome to TCA College’s 22nd Graduation Ceremony.

Allow me to first congratulate all the students who have fulfilled the academic requirements and rigour to be called graduates of TCA College in 2011.

To the 22nd graduating batch (44 students), the College is honoured to be able to contribute to your growth and development as ministers and leaders in the Church and market place. We believe that you will carry God’s calling in your lives and be effective in fulfilling God’s agenda wherever you are positioned by the Holy Spirit. Not only will you be effective in the handling of God’s Word but you will be used by the Holy Spirit as God’s prophetic voices to a world that needs the love and revelation of Jesus Christ. Many of you have persevered in the midst of heavy demand from ministry, work, family and studies all at the same time. To all of you who have persevered let me say. “You have done well”!

Upon your graduation, wherever the Lord will send you, TCA College will be proud of you because you are joining many graduates who are now serving in different parts of the world fulfilling God’s call upon their lives. May you be the representative of God’s Kingdom, preaching, teaching, ministering and counselling under the power of the Holy Spirit wherever you go. We are confident to say that the world will be positively different because of the ministry that will come forth from your lives.

Let me also take this time to update all of us with the various significant developments that took place in TCA College in the last one year.

Let me begin with our School of Creative Arts (SCA). SCA has transformed itself from the offering of formal programmes to one that is currently focusing on non-formal training of practitioners in worship leading in local churches. As for this year, SCA has trained 8 churches in the area of creative arts and worship. As you can see from the slide, the training took place in churches of various denominations. Many of the participants gave very good commendations of the high quality training that they have received. Most of these participants were able to use what they had learnt and apply them into their ministry. We are excited to see SCA becoming a training centre for churches that are in need of creative and worship ministry expertise. If your church requires training in the area of training worship leaders, the worship band and other areas of creative ministry, do not hesitate to contact Paul David for more information.

Let me move on to School of Counselling (SOC). SOC has been very busy ever since its formation. Academically, the post-graduate diploma is internationally recognised because it’s validated by the University of Wales. Professionally, it is recognised by the Singapore Association for Counselling. That is to say that our graduates from SOC can be certified to become professional clinical counsellors in Singapore. Besides the formal training through our programmes, SOC also started the Centre for Counselling to provide professional and clinical counselling. In the last one year, without much publicity, we have received more than 100 clients that have received clinical counselling from our qualified counsellors. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve and minister to counselees from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. Moving ahead, we are preparing to launch various specialised therapies that will better serve our clients in the various age groups. One of them will be in the area of sandplay therapy which will be spearheaded by Rev Sam Kuna, the Dean of SOC. With all that have taken place for SOC, let’s give Rev Sam Kuna, a big hand for his leadership in SOC.

Let me move on to the School of Divinity (SOD). As most of you are aware that our SOD consists of both Chinese and English departments. Together, both of them form the biggest portion of our bible college in student enrolment with more than 400 students. We have seen an increase of full time student enrolment in the last one year as more and more churches are sending their students to be trained with us. We have also been increasing the quality of our faculty members. 70% of our faculty members in SOD have doctoral degrees and the remaining 30% of them are currently undergoing their doctoral studies. With the increasing number of qualified faculty members, our Chinese department will launch its Master of Theology programme to train scholars and critical thinkers for the Body of Christ. There are also discussions and plans to start doctoral programmes in the near future. The quality of our SOD was also verified and affirmed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for Higher Education from United Kingdom in January. It is the highest body that ensures quality control in UK universities and colleges. The audit team from UK gave a good report of the academic standard of our lecturers and courses. All these signal the strength and depth of our SOD that has been built over the years by Dr Joy Tsai and Dennis Lum, the two Deans in SOD. Let’s give them a big hand as well.

All of these exciting developments are made possible because of God’s grace and the continuous support from Trinity Christian Centre. I am grateful towards the unwavering support of Trinity Christian Centre all these 32 years, without which we will not have been able to fulfil our mandate to train and equip the Body of Christ.

As I conclude, I want to thank all of you for your continuous support and the trust you have given to TCA College. We share the joy and privilege of being able to play a significant role in the formation of leaders and ministers for the Kingdom of God.

Thank you.