• SOTE_Jeffery Aw

    Jeffery Aw

    School of Theology

    Shifting from physical classroom learning to distance learning is not the norm for me, but I have learned that change is here to stay. I’ve also found that through technology, I can interact with my lecturers and classmates and it has been fun learning through the online platform.

    Overall, I have seen an increase in my productivity due to the cutting down of traveling time and gaining more time to rest and play. I have also learned to be adaptable to press on in my theological studies for this generation and the generation to come for the glory of Jesus Christ.

  • SOTE_Cindy Lim

    Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect that I would enjoy distance learning classes so much! I am very encouraged that all the lecturers persevered and overcame the odds for us. They have built in more interactive components with discussion in breakout rooms and a ten-minute break every hour which refreshes us.

    Now, I interact more with my classmates and build relationships in our sharing. My mindset has also changed. I used to think that online classes will always fall short in comparison to onsite classes but it has proven otherwise.

  • Li Shalong 李沙龙

    Li Shalong 李沙龙




  • Lin Huiyi 林惠仪

    Lin Huiyi 林惠仪




  • Evangelista Rachel

    Evangelista Rachel

    School of Theology

    As I experienced distance learning through this unique situation, we have not been able to meet face-to-face. Yet, online classes did not diminish the amount of information shared and interaction within the student body.

    I saw different faculty embracing diverse online tools and media for their teaching. I really appreciate the lecturers for going the extra mile. They were not afraid to be creative and to do all they could to make sure that their online class was engaging and educational.