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Report on Ministry in Mongolia

From 16 to 27 Apr 2012, I was sent by TCA College to the Mongolian Assemblies of God Bible Training Centre (MAGBTC) in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. I had the unique privilege of teaching Christian Apologetics to a group of students and local pastors. Working with a translator, we engaged in a rigorous study of world views, proofs for the existence of God, and evidence for the divinity of Christ. I was deeply touched by the spiritual hunger and eagerness of these students to be equipped for ministry. Indeed, training local Mongolians for positions of leadership within the church is a strategic goal for the Assemblies of God in Mongolia.

Across denominations, the Christian church in Mongolia is growing rapidly, from 5 known Christians in 1992 to over 70,000 today. There are new churches springing up all across the capital city. Some Mongolian churches have several hundred in attendance but many are house churches with 20-50 for Sunday services, and most of these churches are led by indigenous Mongolians who know the culture and speak the language. Whether in churches with many or few, the Mongolian Christians love and worship God with all their heart. The believers have a great hunger for God and a sincere passion to see their fellow countrymen and women come to know Jesus Christ.

The church in Mongolia is wisely pursuing a strategy of training native Mongolians to take the lead in local church ministry. Thus, much of the missions effort is targeted towards training these church leaders and pastors. The MABTC is directly involved in this effort, led by North American missionaries Bob and Chrissy Godwin, along with assistance from missionaries Paul and Sharon Ellis.

Mongolia is also one of the least densely populated countries on the planet. Although the capital city of Ulaan Baatar has just over 1 million inhabitants, the entire rest of the country has only an additional 1.5 million. Mongolia itself is 1/6 the size of China but with a total population of just 2.5 million people.

Please join me in praying for the Christian church in Mongolia and MAGBTC as they take part in the great commission of “making disciples of all nations.”