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graduates' reflections


Master of Arts in Counseling

Faith Lee Soo Feng_MAC.jpg
Hope Church Singapore

I have enjoyed the time with my classmates who made the journey memorable and fun. Thanks to the lecturers, I have become more self-aware and have made certain changes in my life. I have also grown in my faith and have become more accepting of and open to others.

Fong Yoke Kiong_MAC.jpg
Mount Carmel Bible-Presbyterian Church

All the training given to me by my lecturers has helped me to connect with people in need better. The micro-skills have been really useful when communicating with those in need, and putting theories into case conceptualization has also helped me to understand my clients better. As the courses have a Christian perspective, I am reminded to love God and love my neighbour as myself.  Those in need are my neighbors, and using the counseling skills I have learned to help them effectively will be my greatest joy.

Foong Wan Ying Deborah_MAC.jpg
Leng Kwang Baptist Church 

I enjoyed the lifelong friendships that were forged during my journey in the School of Counseling. Classroom discussions with like-minded individuals of the same faith have challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the unknown with courage and love.

Gan Cindy_MAC.jpg
Full Gospel Assembly 

This was an opportunity for me to meet many people and forge new friendships. Despite the steep learning curve, the lecturers were very patient and helpful. I have also learned to be more empathetic and not to judge people so quickly.

Geraldine Chua Pei Ping_MAC (front).jpg
Trinity Christian Centre

I enjoyed my time at TCA with classmates who shared the same faith and encouraged me to keep going when I struggled. I like how the course is designed to incorporate the biblical perspective that enables me to see God's heart through the lenses of psychological theory and counseling skills. It heightened my perception of God.

Goh Shao Juin Joe_MAC.jpg
GOH SHAO JUIN, JOE  I  Singapore
Living Sanctuary Brethren Church

My time at TCA was very enjoyable as I learned about counseling with a group of like-minded believers. The experience of the faculty and staff, along with their passion for their work, was both encouraging and inspiring. Kudos to the team at TCA!

Helena Foong Siew Shia_MAC.jpg
Queenstown Lutheran Church

It was a long and challenging journey and I almost thought I would not make it! This program has exceeded my expectations and I have benefitted so much from it. I thank God for this opportunity to equip myself in counseling and I pray that He will use me to help more people in need. I would like to express my appreciation to all the lecturers and my supervisor for teaching and guiding us, and for being so patient with me.

Jacqueline Lau Hui Ying_MAC.jpg
Covenant Evangelical Free Church

These three years in TCA has been very enriching. I have learned and gained so much through our lecturers - their vast experience, professionalism and love for God and people. I also treasure the friendships I have built with my classmates, and the journey we had together.

Jang Sae Kwang_MAC.jpg
JANG SAE KWANG  I  South Korea
Remnant Korean Church

Everything is God's Grace.

Lee Lai Hoong_MAC (side).jpg
LEE LAI HOONG  I  Singapore
Church Of Our Saviour

I enjoyed being able to see my lecturers and classmates face-to-face in class. The physical interactions enhanced my learning experience. The faith integration has allowed me to think about what Jesus would do in a given scenario, and encourages me to always look to Jesus and consider His Word and His purposes in life’s situations.

Lee Pai Leng_MAC.jpg
LEE PAI LENG  I  Singapore
Faith Methodist Church

This is a fun and enriching program. I appreciate the willingness of my classmates to be vulnerable, open and honest in sharing their experiences and views. The faculty, though strict, was surprisingly fun and endearing and I have never heard so much self-disclosure from any other "teachers" before. I believe in the importance of learning life experiences from these wise ones, who are installed by God and blessed with godly wisdom. To me, TCA is not just an academic journey but a journey of learned experiences. It has given me confidence to step out in faith to help those who need help.

Lim Shi_MAC.jpg
LIM SHI  I  Singapore
Mount Carmel Bible-Presbyterian Church

I chose to attend TCA for my Master of Arts in Counseling program instead of a secular university because I believe people are made in the image of God. I wanted this belief to be the foundation upon which I learned to see, relate to, and care for others. During my last four years at TCA, I appreciated that my convictions of Christian compassion and that every individual is important to God, were shared by my teachers and classmates. Our learning was anchored on this solid ground.

Loh Kim Soon Sunny_MAC.jpg
Victory Family Centre

I appreciate the lecturers’ passion in teaching the class. With their deep experience and knowledge, they have added to the joy of my learning journey. These three years have not only taught me about helping others but also about myself and most importantly, the heart of our Heavenly Father, the Supreme Counselor.

Lye Sook Yin_MAC.jpg
LYE SOOK YIN  I  Singapore
Sembawang Assembly of God 

I have to admit, studying in TCA was challenging. It stretched me beyond my expectations. However, as I gained knowledge in counseling, the program also deepened my understanding of God's Word, which was one of the reasons why I chose to take my master's in TCA instead of another institution. In the midst of learning to be a counselor, I have also learned much about myself as a person and as a Christian. With God's grace, I am able to complete the program. I believe it is a part of His master plan for me and I am excited to see how His plans will unfold as I move on. I enjoyed and appreciated the lecturers' openness in sharing their knowledge and valuable experiences. I thank God for the friendships I developed with my classmates as we went through the journey together. To God be the glory.

Ng Hai Choo Cecelia_MAC.jpg
Christ Methodist Church

As a mature student making a mid-life career switch, studying at TCA has been most enjoyable. The faith-based Master of Arts in Counseling program has helped me in my personal growth as a Christian, so that I can reflect Christ's love to those I am helping in a non-judgmental and empathetic manner. I certainly recommend my friends to study at TCA who wish to pursue a counseling career.

Oh Hui Cheng Yvette_MAC.jpg
Faith Methodist Church

I enjoyed the nurturing culture, and the camaraderie among classmates despite the differences in age, church and vocations. It has been exciting to watch one another grow in this journey to be a counselor. I am reminded to intentionally integrate our faith as a counselor. 

Ong Hui Xin Eunice_MAC.jpg
Lighthouse Evangelism

The time in TCA has been a journey of self-discovery and where I have gained many precious friendships. I appreciate the lecturers who have been so earnest and authentic in their teaching and sharing of experiences. God has used the time at TCA to shape me and teach me to trust Him as I witnessed His Hands working in the lives of my course mates.

Sim Hwee Ping_MAC (side).jpg
SIM HWEE PING  I  Singapore
Mount Horeb Bible Presbyterian Church

It was a good learning and rewarding journey for me to be part of the Master of Arts in Counseling program. I have grown in my self-awareness and who I am in Christ, which will equip me as I journey with others when I counsel them. I really enjoyed the friendships forged in our class, and also to see God working in our lives through our joys and struggles. We are not alone in this journey of faith and learning. Learning happens not just in the classrooms, but beyond that. Relationships continue beyond our studies!

Tai Yee Luan Audrey_MAC.jpg
Chapel of the Resurrection

The dedicated and experienced lecturers in SOC imparted not only their knowledge and expertise, but also their life journey with us. Through the course, I learned the importance of self-care that is grounded in God’s love and truth, so that I can better serve those who are distraught and broken.

MAC Anthony Toh (2).png
Bethesda Pasir Ris Mission Church

It was not an easy journey for me when I started this program as I had difficulty understanding the lessons. However, by the grace and mercy of God, I made it! Thanks to the lecturers who were very kind and gracious to me. What I enjoyed the most was the honest interaction between the lecturers and the students during class. The practicums also increased awareness of my strength and weaknesses. It was a humbling experience to receive feedback from my peers and the lecturers. Thank you, TCA. May God bless you!

Yee Woan Chin Yvette_MAC.jpg
Covenant Evangelical Free Church

As I recall, it was a journey of ups and downs. I met wonderful people that became friends who encouraged and supported one another. I had Inspiring lecturers, clinical supervisor and site supervisor that spoke truth in love, and imparted their experiences and knowledge to me. I am so thankful for them! Even though it was challenging trying to juggle work, personal life and ministry, God was with me every step of the way. Through much prayers, I made it through the assignments and internship! I can finally shout it out loud that I made it!

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