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Congratulations to each graduate.   Through very challenging times, you have achieved a significant milestone in your journey.   I am believing that all the present challenges have empowered and strengthened both your mind and spirit for the days ahead.


We are all aware that the dynamics that are taking place in our world demands that we walk with increased discernment and sensitive to the Holy Spirit.   Without His guidance and prophetic insight we can be intimated to recoil from engagement with our circumstances and miss the divine opportunities to increase our impact for God in our respective areas of calling and assignment.


God has called and positioned you for Such a Time a This.  Your bold faith and daring spirit to break into new frontiers believing that God will confirm His Word with signs following – is critical.   This is not the time to pull back – this is the time to recalibrate and advance God’s Kingdom seeing divine increase.


Recall your time in TCA College.   God will have given you spiritual insight and practical handles empowering you to engage in the Spiritual Warfare of this day.  Always remember, we struggle not with flesh and blood but against powers of this dark world.  You are God’s Vanguard against all of Satan’s schemes to destroy.  God has stirred up a passion for the fire of God to flow through you – He will do immeasurably more that you can ask or imagine.   So regardless of the battles and opposition you see ahead, no matter how difficult things may seem, turn to God with renew Faith in His power and presence.   Stay focused on Him - He will not fail you. 


God bless your coming and now your going out.


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"God has called and positioned you for such a time as this ......  this is the time to recalibrate and advance God's Kingdom seeing divine increase."

Rev Dr Naomi Dowdy

Founder and Chancellor


拿俄米     道蒂(牧师)博士


恭喜每位毕业生。  在充满挑战的时期,您在旅程中取得了一个重要的里程碑。  我相信,目前的所有挑战都赋予了你们今后几天的思想和精神力量。


我们都知道,我们世界上正在发生的动态要求我们以更多的分辨力和对圣灵的敏感性行事。  没有祂的指引和先知的洞察力,我们就会被暗示要退缩,放弃与我们的环境接触,并错过在各自的呼召和任务领域增加我们对上帝的影响的神圣机会。


上帝呼召并定位了你这样一个时代。 你大胆的信心和大胆的精神闯入新的领域,相信上帝会用以下迹象来证实他的话语——是至关重要的。  现在不是退缩的时候——现在是重新调整和推进上帝的国度的时候,看到神圣的增长。

回想一下你在TCA学院的时光。  上帝将赋予你灵性洞察力和实用的把柄,使你能够参与当今的属灵争战。 永远记住,我们不是与血肉之躯作斗争,而是与这个黑暗世界的力量作斗争。 你是上帝的先锋,抵挡撒旦所有毁灭的阴谋。 上帝激起了对上帝之火流经你的热情 - 他会做你能问或想象的更多的事情。  因此,无论你看到前面的争战和反对如何,无论事情看起来多么困难,都要转向上帝,更新对他的能力和同在的信心。  专注于他 - 他不会让你失望。


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Vice Chancellor's 

"​My prayer is that you will carry the anointing of God to be a pacesetter for your generation."

Rev Gerald Tan

Vice Chancellor




Dear Graduates,

Congratulations and well done! More than completing a program, know that your commencement marks a prophetic moment in your ministry. You are presenting yourself at your graduation as a student approved by TCA in completing your program, but you stand before God as one called and approved by Him for the ministry.

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

Many leaders look at ways to seek the approval of the organizations they are in, or the people whom they lead. Common leadership principles espouse success defined by results. It is not uncommon in this world, where taking shortcuts and aspiring to accelerate become the norm in the name of getting to the end quicker and achieving results more efficiently.

However, you stand before the Lord first of all; He is the one who approves of you and delights in you. Wherever you go, you are a servant of the Lord, a worker in the harvest field, and a leader in the body of Christ. Our ministry flows from who we are and not just what we do. It is defined by the approval of God and not the approval of man.

Remember that the Lord has set you apart for the ministry. Embrace that call and not be ashamed! You have been equipped to correctly handle the word of truth.

As you embark on the next lap of ministry, my prayer is that you will carry the anointing of God to be a pacesetter for your generation; that you will live out your call where the Lord leads you, and fulfill the purposes of God in your life.



你 当 竭 力 在 神 面 前 得 蒙 喜 悦 , 作 无 愧 的 工 人 , 按 着 正 意 分 解 真 理 的 道 。(提摩太后书 2:15)





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