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Complimentary Audit Course for Pastors and Alumni


The Continuous Learning Program (CLP) enables students to pursue lifelong learning by auditing courses. With the option of attending School of Theology (English) courses without graded assignments, students can benefit from the expertise of experienced faculty members. The program encourages personal and professional growth. The availability of courses varies, and CLP students do not receive credits or transcript records. Nonetheless, the program is a valuable opportunity for continuing education beyond formal program requirements.


Pastors and alumni are entitled to one free audit course under the School of Theology per year.

Program Aims

  • Develop a comprehension of biblical knowledge, Christian theology, and Ministry skills

  • Expand understanding of Christian faith and its practical applications

  • Enhance ministry experience by learning alongside individuals from diverse backgrounds and denominations

Admission Requirements

Applicant should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate personal and spiritual maturity

  • Have been water baptized and continue to actively participate in Christian ministry

  • Submit all required application materials by the stated deadline


  • Students are permitted to audit any available course at the College without academic credit, excluding online and language courses 

  • CLP students may not enroll in courses for credit

  • Should a CLP student decide to transfer to another program within TCA, they will be required to submit a new application and satisfy all relevant admission requirements


audit courses

Audit Fee per course: SGD 253.43


1) Fees are payable each term based on the number of courses taken for the term. 

2) Fees quoted above are estimated based on 2024 rates and inclusive of 9% GST. Fees are revised annually. 

3) The fees do not include cost of textbooks. 

4) To apply for audit courses, the applicant needs to be enrolled as a CLP student first, and pay an admission application fee of SGD 76.30. 

5) International students (not residing in Singapore) who wish to audit courses at TCA College will need to ensure that they have a valid pass to stay in Singapore during the duration of study.   


TCA wishes to bless all pastors and alumni with a complimentary audit course per calendar year. 


For more details on our programs, please contact our Business Office during office hours. 

Office hours: Mon-Fri, 9am - 530pm (excluding weekends and Public Holidays)

Phone: +65 6304-7602


Text: +65 8817 6154 (WhatsApp messages only)

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