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Message from
the President


Rev Dr Dennis Lum

Welcome to TCA College, Singapore!


We are a multi-disciplinary college that aims to train Christian leaders and ministers like you to be God-centered and culturally relevant servants. Most importantly, we want to see many lives transformed by a passion to fulfil God’s agenda for the world. In order to fulfil the mandate to effectively educate every student, we have established the School of Counseling, and the School of Theology. While each school specializes in their respective fields, they work together to provide a holistic education for our students.


The School of Counseling provides training for those who desire to be recognized as professional clinical counselors. The School of Theology (Chinese and English departments) is for those who want to be equipped in theology and deepen their understanding of their walk with God. Each school offers cutting-edge programs that will immensely develop your thinking and take your servant leadership to the next level.


As a leading theological institution in Asia, we strive to maintain high academic standards while keeping character formation as one of the key educational outcomes. You will experience accelerated growth in your competence and character as you interact with our highly qualified, respected and experienced faculty members. More than just another academic institution, TCA College provides an excellent environment for you to fulfil what God has called you to be. We welcome you to join us in this exciting journey where you will see God bring to fruition the very potential that He has destined for you.

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