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Diploma in Theology

Leon Chester Steward_DipTh.jpg
St. Paul's Church

The lecturers have made the learning of theology interesting and valuable as they bring different perspectives that helped me appreciate the context of the courses. These have greatly impacted my faith.

Ong Huien_DipTh.jpg
ONG HUIEN  I  Singapore
Trinity Christian Centre

TCA has shaped and strengthened my theological foundations, giving me greater confidence and conviction as a believer and minister of the faith! I have benefitted much from the extensive and rich learning experience that can be found through the lecturers and students of different nationalities.

Bachelor of Theology

Odette Tan_BTh.jpg
ODETTE TAN  I  Singapore
Brighton Community Church

I loved that we were able to learn deeply and discuss our thoughts and questions openly. To be able to learn in a faith-filled community is one that has benefitted me in my personal walk with God and in equipping me for my ministry.

Ong Siew Mei_5787.jpg
ONG SIEW MEI, LILY  I  Singapore
Church of Singapore (Harvest)

I enjoyed the friendships forged with other classmates. Their lives and love made such a difference to me. TCA was a reminder for me to keep growing. God knows that in this season of my life, I needed healing, restoration and refocus and TCA provided the safe place for me to quieten down and examine myself. The teaching of the Word, and the sharing of the lecturers on how they experienced God really gave me new perspectives on my life.

Phuntsong Emmanuel Paul_BTh (stole folded).jpg
Marine Parade Christian Centre

It was my privilege to study under knowledgeable lecturers who have a passion to teach, impart and share their insights. This made learning intriguing and enjoyable at TCA. My eight years as a part-time student have been a long learning journey at TCA. This has definitely taught me to persevere in my learning and it has also impacted my faith. The theological knowledge I have gained in all these years has enhanced my Christian life and is helping me to be a good steward of what has been entrusted to me.

Shanna Twang.png
SHANNA TWANG  I  Singapore
Trinity Christian Centre 

I enjoyed my time at TCA thoroughly because of the vibrant school life, and the opportunity to meet believers from different cultures and nationalities. This has given me a great appreciation of what God is doing worldwide. My studies have moulded me to have a big heart for God's people and deepened my love for God. It has certainly expanded my vision for God's kingdom, and spurred me to continually seek God for what His will is.

Siva Prakas-Siva Prakas Steven Thomas_BTh.jpg
Light of Christ Church Woodlands 

I thank the Lord for all the teachings and guidance I received in TCA. They were some of the best moments of my life. Truly, all the lectures were amazing and I received a lot of encouragement to finish my studies well. All Glory and Praise to the Lord! 

TAY TERENCE  I  Singapore
Light of Christ Church Woodlands

Through engaging in theological materials and issues related to the faith, TCA has given me a set of tools and learning perspectives/frameworks that I can use for my ministries and my own learning development.

Vanessa Phua Siok Siok Mrs Vanessa Wong_BTh.jpg
The New Charis Mission

Being so comfortable serving in full-time ministry for nearly two decades, making the decision to enter into full-time theological studies, while continuing to serve, took four years. Eventually, in May 2019, the journey took off. It was a steep learning process but a rewarding one. No matter how challenging the day was, coming to campus brought renewal in my soul and spirit and I gained new strength. I love the indescribable peace in the college, the gentle smile on everyone’s face, the time of worship in Chapel and the bonds built in small groups. Learning has been made much easier and more enjoyable.

Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies

Eio Wee Hiong_GDCS.jpg
EIO WEE HIONG  I  Singapore
Bethesda Bedok Tampines Church

TCA has provided the structure, depth and flexibility for me to pursue a deeper understanding of theology and Christianity at my own time and space.

Word International Ministries

My time in TCA was a humbling experience. It made me realize my own ignorance about many things. I thank God for my teachers and classmates who were instrumental in my wonderful learning journey. Their perseverance has been a source of joy and encouragement to me.

Grace Phan.png
GRACE PHAN  I  Singapore
Grace Assembly of God

TCA has given me the opportunity to learn from my devoted lecturers and classmates, who inspired me by their learning capabilities, love and service to God. Through twelve comprehensive courses, my knowledge about God deepened. The course I enjoyed most was Pentecostal Studies, which gave me a firm understanding of the signs and wonders that God still performs today because He is the same yesterday, today and forever. This increases my faith to trust God in challenging times and draws me closer to Him each day.

Lee Weng Yew_GDCS.jpg
LEE WENG YEW  I  Singapore
Riverlife Church

The program has deepened my knowledge in Theology, and helped me to better appreciate the grace of God, His sovereign will and His love for man.

Trinity Christian Centre

I enjoyed the learning journey of going deeper into God’s Word, and it changed my perspective on how I live out my faith. My view of God has also expanded as I learned that He has many facets and modes of operation, far beyond my comprehension. It has helped to correct some previous mindsets I had.

Yoong Fook Loy_GDCS.jpg
YOONG FOOK LOY  I  Singapore
Riverlife Church

It was a journey of self-discovery as I learn, unlearn and relearn. Even though I was an online student, I was able to engage with my classmates and lecturers meaningfully. My faith in God has deepened through my studies, specifically, courses such as Pentecostal Studies and Principles of Missions have prompted me to go and make disciples.

Master of Arts in Ministry

Choo Chih Chien Benjamin_MAM.jpg
Talent Beacon Fellowship

TCA has introduced different viewpoints on theological issues and caused me to think more deeply about my own views.  The ministry courses are practical and I have been applying what I have learned in my ministry.

Joelle Li-May Trueman_MAM.jpg

What I enjoyed most is the variety of courses offered at TCA. The scope was extensive and each course gives me the opportunity to deep dive into the Bible, Theology and ministry. Attending TCA has strengthened the foundation of my faith and I now feel more confident in myself and in God!

Joseph Teo Rong Ern_MAM.jpg
Trinity Christian Centre

I really enjoyed the process of refining my thoughts and personal assumptions of the Bible. TCA has definitely impacted my faith, as undertaking a Master's program while working full-time in church was a feat that required every ounce of faith in me. There were so many times I honestly wanted to throw in the towel or feared that I would not even make the minimum GPA. I testify that it is truly by the grace of God that I am now applying for graduation. All Glory to Him!

Kerly Yap Li Yin_MAM (1of2).jpg
Cornerstone Community Church 

The call to full-time ministry is both honorable and weighty. Being in TCA has trained and prepared me to walk out this calling not only intellectually, but also through community (class discussions, lecturers, chapel services, and small group meetings). My prayer was for the Holy Spirit to reveal and transform me inside out through every course and assignment, and He has answered my prayer every time. His works and insights are always nothing short of amazing. All glory to Him!

Khoo Wei San.png
KHOO WEI SAN  I  Malaysia
Trinity Christian Centre

I initially enrolled in the online Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies program in 2018 before deciding to continue pursuing the Master of Arts in Ministry program. I liked the flexibility provided through the online learning platform which enabled me to pace my learning, reading, and writing, especially when work demanded monthly traveling. TCA has equipped and empowered me with a strong foundation to be more effective in my ministry and work. Thankful for the journey that has been stretching yet enriching, challenging yet fulfilling.

Tang Mary Miew Gion_MAM.jpg
Grace Assembly of God

It is a misnomer that seminary school is much easier than secular education.  On the contrary, the first term at TCA was exciting, mentally challenging, and worldview-shattering.  Yet, despite the steep learning curve, the professors were encouraging and supportive.  They wanted me to succeed and challenged me to go beyond academics.  As a result, I am more assured, and able to connect biblical truth to support my conviction, pursue God, love people, and impact my environment.

Yeong Mabel_MAM (3 pics with tassel prob).jpg
YEONG MABEL  I  Singapore
Trinity Christian Centre

The discussions in the classrooms and forums enriched my learning. The classmates and teachers have given me many insights, and challenged the assumptions I held for my faith, in a good way.

Master of Divinity

Cheang Kar Pheng Sandy_MDiv (headroom).jpg
Trinity Christian Centre

My journey in TCA affirmed that God is in charge in my life. The first few years of my 9-year part-time program were the toughest as I had to take written examinations for core courses. I will never graduate if I did it on my own. All glory to God.

Evangelista (1).png
Jakarta Church

I enjoyed being in TCA for it has impacted my life journey holistically in character, leadership, and ministry. In TCA, my faith muscles have strengthened through the classes and the life sharing of my fellow students and the lecturers.  My years in TCA have enabled me to become more ready and equipped to serve God.

Lim Wei Hoong_MDiv.jpg
LIM WEI HOONG  I  Singapore
Marine Parade Christian Centre

TCA has brought me closer to God through fellowship and learning within the greater Body of Christ. TCA has strengthened my faith and equipped me effectively and efficiently for the journey ahead to serve and glorify God.

Zion Assemblies of God Church

I thank the Lord for bringing me to TCA, to be wholly equipped to serve the Lord. God gave me wonderful faculty to teach and train me to powerfully work in the kingdom of God. It has been a blessed journey in TCA as I have been transformed to be a better person. God has developed my faith, built my confidence to boldly face the world without being shy and timid, and given me a passion to faithfully minister for His glory.

STEFANY  I  Indonesia
Wesley Methodist Church

Besides equipping the students with strong theological foundation and practical skills, TCA has always emphasized the importance of being a doer of the Word – an essential aspect of a Christian. Thank you, TCA for living out what you have taught in our small community!

Tan See Leng_MDiv (all 3 pics w tassel prob).jpg
TAN SEE LENG  I  Singapore
Great Commission Church

In this journey with TCA, I really enjoyed attending the mission courses as it makes me realize that Christianity is not about being a faithful Christian every Sunday. Through all the mission courses, I have come to understand that as a Christian, there is a world waiting for us to share the gospel to the lost. Honestly speaking, it is through TCA that I realized that I lost a lot of friends who are non-believers as I was taught to bring people to church instead of bringing the gospel to them.

Tay Rachel Angelina_MDiv.jpg
Hope City Church

I have experienced the kindness of God here at TCA. The professors are not only knowledgeable, but passionate for God and with the compassion to help students navigate the wilderness of the world of academia! I was once lost to naive beliefs about the Bible, but now have gained the tools to understand this beautiful ancient text! Not to mention the friends I have made! To all of you, thank you for making my life shine with faith, hope and fun!

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